Drink High Vibration Water (Like Ancient Indian Yogi’s) With This!

Do you want a High Vibration but you’re still drinking tap or bottled water?

As your body is 70% water…

If you continue drinking low vibration water, you’ll never become the best version of yourself - because your vibration will forever be limited.

The reason you’re trying to find a solution to low vibration drinking water, is because in the West, we’ve forgotten intuitive wisdom.

Modern science is fixated on trying to understand everything through data & spreadsheets.

But this type of thinking is why we drink tap water with chlorine, birth control pills, fluoride, floor cleaners & goodness knows what else.

In fact, over 2,100 toxins are known to be in our tap water.

And I don’t need to tell you that plastic bottles leak toxic micro-plastics, overtime.


You could either get a Reverse Osmosis Machine which is timely & costly to set-up. Also, not possible if you rent your home or travel alot…

Or, buy mineral water in Glass Bottles - which is very costly & hard to trust if it’s legit in the first place.

Fortunately for you, there is another way.

And it all starts from thousands of years ago…

Copper Has Naturally Purified Water For Thousands Of Years

Ayurveda is a traditional medicinal system, native to India.

For over 5000 years, ancient Ayurvedic texts have recommended storing water in a copper jug, overnight.

According to the ancient texts: drinking copper water early in the morning on an empty stomach, can cure sickness and maintain health.

This is what ancient Indian Yogi’s have done for thousands of years.


Modern science has now proven that copper has antiviral, antibacterial & antimicrobial properties.

Multiple studies have shown copper kills over 99.9% of bacteria such as E. coli, within 1-2 hours of contact.

You can use copper as a disinfectant! In fact, hospital beds are coated in copper because any microbe that lands on a copper surface, is likely to be killed quickly!

Also, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article proving Coronavirus will survive only 4 hours on a copper surface - whereas on paper, plastic and steel surfaces, it will survive for 24-72 hours.


Ancient Indians intuitively knew this wisdom about copper.

This is why ancient Indians threw copper coins into rivers - to make the water safe for drinking!

Furthermore, copper has been proven to have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties - all helping to neutralize toxins.

Starting to notice how copper could be used for tap water?

“Copperizing” Water Makes It Alkaline (High Vibration)

The main reason tap water is low vibration is because of how it’s treated.

Tap water is “cleaned” using chemicals, such as chorine…

So the PH level of the water drops below 7, making it acidic.

For context, water from natural sources has a PH level of 7 or above, making it alkaline.

Alkaline water has High Vibrational energy and many health benefits.

In fact, drinking alkaline water alone can prevent diseases.


Ayurveda states that when you store water in a copper vessel, it has the ability to balance all the three Doshas: Vata, Kapha and Pitta in our body (mind, body, spirit).

We now know today that copper vessel’s positively charge water. This means, “copperized” water is energized and has a balanced pH level - making the water alkaline & ‘live’ again.

This process leaves the water tasting silky smooth.

How Does “Copperized” Water Help Us?

Before modern science could prove:

✔ Copper purifies water naturally (killing viruses/bacteria & neutralizing toxins)…

✔ Copper makes water alkaline (High Vibration, like from natural sources)

Ancient cultures already knew this with their intuitive wisdom - thousands of years ago!

Here’s The High Vibration Question:

Do you want to:

1. Continue drinking tap water that is cleaned with harsh chemicals, such as chlorine? (Making it low vibration)


2. Drink naturally purified water, like ancient Indian Yogi’s? (Making it High Vibration)

If you answered 2, keep reading…

Human Thoughts, Words & Emotions Impact Water! (Making It Programmable)

There’s one more breakthrough study you need to understand…

Dr Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist, who conducted water experiments in the 90’s.

He had water on petri dishes, frozen at -20C (-4F).

He would then heat up the petri dishes and take pictures of the water - as it melted.

For only 20-30 seconds, the water developed crystals (just like snowflakes!).

The results are truly fascinating


Dr Emoto spoke negative words such as “Evil” & “You disgust me” into one petri dish of water…

Here’s what the crystals looked like:

Then he spoke positive words such as “Love” & “Thank you” into another petri dish of water…

Look at how beautiful the crystals are!

Just like how speaking positively to plants, helps them grow…

The molecular structure of water changes based on different words (even in different languages).

He discovered the intention behind human thoughts, words & emotions impact water!


For context, here’s what Tokyo tap water VS "Amazing Grace" looked like:

Dr Emoto says that chemicals such as chlorine in tap water, completely destroy the beautiful crystals, because it makes the water ‘dead’.

You now know from reading above, this simply means that tap water is acidic.

Alkaline water (from natural sources) naturally has beautiful crystals - until man interferes with the water.


Remember how I said your body is 70% water?

The water you drink impacts every single cell in your body.

Now you realize how important drinking water with beautiful crystals is!


So, can we turn tap water into:

  • High Vibration alkaline ‘live’ (great tasting) water
  • With beautiful crystals
  • Anywhere in the world, at any time?



The World’s First:

ETHOS LOVING Copper Water Bottle with “GRACE” Programming!


Handmade in India using pure copper (highest quality).

With a unique honeycomb design, handcrafted by artisans using specialized knowledge, passed down from generations.

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Fill up your ETHOS LOVING Copper Water Bottle with tap water.

And leave it for 4 hours-overnight.

Now your water has been “copperized” with “GRACE” Programming!


How does “Copperized” water work?

As copper is a natural precious metal, it interacts with water when stored for a minimum of 4 hours.

Similar to how alcohol kills any virus & bacteria it comes into contact with…

Copper kills any virus & bacteria in water!

Not only that, it makes the water alkaline (great tasting).


What does “Copperized” water mean?

✔ Naturally cleaned water

✔ Alkaline ‘live’ High Vibration water

✔ Crisp & refreshing taste!

How does “GRACE” Programming work?

“GRACE” has been engraved under the leak-proof lid of your ETHOS LOVING Copper Water Bottle.

As Dr Masaru Emoto’s water experiments have proven, water is impacted by human thoughts, words & emotions…

All water will be programmed to the GRACE molecular structure, resulting in beautiful crystalized water!


What does “GRACE” Programming mean?

✔ Water molecular structure with beautiful crystals

✔ Highest frequency water possible

✔ Every cell in your body will have GRACE


So if you want to drink “copperized” water (proven for thousands of years) with “GRACE” programming…

Anywhere in the world, at any time…

And become the best version of yourself, by impacting every cell in your body with the highest frequency…

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