Founder Story (GRACE changed my life)

In December 2022, I was in India visiting my parents.

I had taken my mum to her physiotherapy session and while I was waiting, I was pacing the quiet street to get some steps in. 

Just like that, an idea "popped" up in my mind & it said: "Your first product should be a Copper bottle". 

I was surprised, actually, I was shocked that I had not thought of it sooner. I had been using a copper bottle for years!

The more I thought about it, the more quickly and easily the whole business plan unfolded (in my mind) within minutes.

It was as if I had the whole plan waiting to reveal itself to me - at the right moment. 

After this, I quickly took this idea and added a bunch of custom changes - based on my spontaneous spiritual awakening & working with 100s of clients as a Hypnotist.

I also went into my Akashic Records (The universal energetic library of information that contains the details of our soul and its journey), which I have used consistently for my clients and myself over the years. 

I gained more clarity and encouragement on this idea from my spiritual team. I started working on this product and 2 weeks later, I had the first sample in my hands - while I was in India!

Copper bottle's are very authentic to Indian culture and people. Drinking water from a copper vessel is an Ayurvedic practice ingrained deeply in Indian culture.

It really felt great holding the first sample of this bottle (in India) then flying home to the US to move forward with the rest of the business plan!


After a few months, I realized that I did not come up with the idea for this product randomly.

I realized I had received a full blown business download to get this product to the market.

This was God's idea working through me, and fulfilling its destiny through me.

There were times last year, where the process got so challenging, that I wanted to give up…


I actually did give up after 9 months.

I remember telling the Universe, this was your idea. I have done my 100% to bring it to life and if you still want it - you make it happen, I am done!

And, not too long after this, a manufacturer reached out to me!

I was nervous about reworking on this project.

I was tired and I looked for the tiniest of red flags to not work with this manufacturer…

I couldn't find one!

So, finally after almost 2 years, we are here now! The Universe finally made it happen.

The "GRACE" Copper Bottle is a product from the heavens. 

Which we believe will transform the way you improve your health. Adding more Grace, magic & miracles to your everyday life.


I want to share the story of our GRACE Copper Water Bottle's purification process.....not just with the water, but also with my life.

Copper has antimicrobial properties, which means it can inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi. This is the reason we use Copper for water purification.


Beginning of Dec 2022 is when I started working on the bottle. 

As I finalized the details and sent it off to the manufacturer, little did I know what was waiting for me just a few days ahead.

I was in India at this point in time, to be with my parents on the 1st death anniversary of my brother Rahul, who had transitioned in Dec 2021. I wanted to be there for my parents and myself, during this challenging time. 

I was also accompanied by my second husband, whom I had gotten married to in 2020, due to COVID, he had not traveled to India to meet my family before.

My parents, extended family and friends showered him with their presence, gatherings, delicious meals, and hospitality. 

As I took him around excitedly for local sightseeing, shopping, speciality doctor treatments and of course multiple McDonalds trips so that he got his dose of Americanness as well. 

All seemed to be going well......till my father had to be admitted to the hospital for a heart surgery. 

It was not a shock but was a worrisome situation nonetheless.  

As my parents were in the hospital for a couple of days, we stayed back home. 

And, one day as I was about to make my husband his American meal, I popped over to his room to ask him what he would like to eat.  As I was there at his desk, I saw something from the corner of my eye that caught my attention. 

I took his phone to confirm what I saw and after confirming I asked him....

“Why do you have multiple dating apps on your phone?” 

I saw various apps like Tinder, Bumble.....I looked at his profile hoping that it was maybe his old profile, as we ourselves had met on the Bumble dating app in 2020. 

Alas, this was a shiny new profile with a lot of new pics that I myself had taken of him these last few years. 

My trust & marriage was destroyed at that moment. 

I never thought I would be betrayed like this by my husband, in my own home in India, while I was introducing him to my family and friends for the first time as my husband. 


What followed for the next few months was pure viciousness. I was separated from him in March.

I had carried the sample of my GRACE Copper bottle to the US and started drinking from it, while wholeheartedly saying GRACE.....every time I drank from the bottle.

I was scheduled to go to a Business Conference I had bought a ticket to while in India in Dec 2022 - in Austin, TX to help me launch the GRACE Copper water bottle.

I was depressed, anxious and still dealing with the trauma of the viciousness I had experienced...... 

If the ticket could be refunded I wouldn't have gone.

I did not have a home address when I bought the ticket. But at this point (April 2023) I was living in Texas - of all places! 


The conference was only a 4 hour drive away....this was not a coincidence. 

I knew this in my heart. I was meant to go to the conference.

I remember telling my friend.... "I am going to come back as a changed person after attending this conference Becky. There are going to be high quality people, talking about business, life and entrepreneurship, and this is exactly the kind of energy I need in my life right now." 

Yes, that's right, knowing that the Universe wanted me to be at this conference to keep moving forward with the GRACE Copper water bottle's journey kept me going. 

I carried my GRACE Copper water bottle sample and spoke about it to the people I met at the conference.  The conference was everything I thought it would be and MORE. 


I was officially divorced in Oct 2023, 2 weeks before my 40th birthday.

I was PROUD of the woman I was.

Now I can look back and realize how the moment I started working on bringing "GRACE Copper Water Bottle" to life, it had also already started working its PURIFICATION in my life.

My ex husband was eliminated from my life and as horrible as any detoxification feels at the moment, we definitely feel GREAT afterwards, which is exactly what I felt as soon as I separated from my ex. 

My life was yet again purified by the fire of this experience.

Our GRACE Copper bottle purifies the water it holds ......because it is made with PURE COPPER.

And, it then turns the purified water to LIQUID GRACE.


I want to share the magic that flooded my life as I put my focus on the GRACE copper water bottle and started drinking water from it consistently. 

I consciously envisioned my life to be lifted with liquid grace, with every sip…I surely needed it!

So, continuing on the journey of this bottle from India to Austin Texas…


With as low and people averse as I was feeling, I was determined to be fully present for the expert business knowledge that I was going to be exposed to from various successful speakers and entrepreneurs at the conference. 

My usual social self just wanted to lay low with the exception of Ryan Moran, who was the main guy at the conference, and the person who has inspired me to embark on an entrepreneur's journey by his book, 12 Months to $1 Million. This was his conference!

The first evening at the conference was a happy hour for people to socialize, and I looked for a moment to chat with Ryan who seemed to be surrounded by enthusiasts at all given times. 

I finally decided to just go for it even while he was chatting with 2 other people. 

I interrupted their conversation, had a little chat and Ryan got pulled away by someone else and now I was with these 2 people. I awkwardly made small talk about their businesses and left the gathering. 

Mission accomplished!


Next day, after an amazing day of business talk, as I was waiting in line for dinner, I heard a polite hello from behind. 

I turned around to see that it was one of the guys that I met with Ryan. We made small talk about the speakers of the day, grabbed our dinner and as I was about to head out to find a corner to eat by myself....

He said, "I see a bench, do you want to sit there and eat?" I was like, why not....and our dinner conversation went on for the rest of the evening. 

I remember thinking as we were heading out, oh man....maybe I should have mingled with other entrepreneurs instead of just one. 

When I reached back to the hotel, I felt deeply unsettled…

I wondered why I was feeling so unsettled. 

Yes, it was a deep intimate conversation.....which was nothing new for me, as that's my usual style of communication and my energy makes most people feel safe in my presence and open up to me instantly. A gift that has served me wonderfully in my profession as a Hypnotist & Coach. 

Yet, even with my years of spiritual awareness I couldn't put a finger on why I felt so unrestful suddenly, I couldn't make sense of it and I called it a day.


The following day after the conference ended, I messaged this guy again, so that I could wish him the very best for his life and leave. 

He had traveled to the conference from the UK and I knew our paths would never cross again. We met, ended up chatting for the rest of the evening and then I headed back home. 

After this conference, for a few months a chain of bewildering synchronicities kept us both connected in a magical way....universal communication via angel numbers, signs, symbols, books, movies and intimate details showing up in both our lives across continents. 

We kept in touch more for the curiosity of this magic than anything else....we knew very little of each other, and we were not really keen on getting to know each other…


After many months of resistance, and sensing the universe was not letting up on its symbolic communication, we decided to give in to a meeting to investigate this magic. 

And....since then, we have remembered our lives before, we have revived in the beauty of today and we now revel in a type of love that we have not found the words to describe. 

So, I will use the lines from our synchronicity movie 222: " I just never believed a love like this was possible".


It might seem biased for me to attribute this magic to our GRACE copper water....knowing well, there are many multi-dimensional things at play here, as always. 

God operates in mysterious ways. 

Yet, with every sip of water I drink from this bottle, I am reminded that grace operates in ways that are beyond human comprehension. 

Our job is not to earn, but to acknowledge & accept Grace's omnipresent reality.

So, I welcome you to give yourself this wonderful opportunity to fill your life with "Liquid Grace" from our GRACE copper water bottle and let its magic light up your world!


Thank you for your time. 

We look forward to revolutionizing our approach to drinking water together, with the GRACE Copper Bottle.

I invite you to click shop or reach out to me directly using the contact us page - with any questions/feedback you may have.