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Fill your life with Grace!

ETHOS LOVING Copper Water Bottle with "GRACE" Programming

ETHOS LOVING Copper Water Bottle with "GRACE" Programming

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✔ ”Copperized” Water Tastes Crisp & Refreshing

✔ Handmade in India (Highest Quality Copper)


900ml capacity

Cleaning Instructions

Clean your Ethos Copper Bottle once a week.

1. Place 3 table spoons of distilled vinegar into your Ethos Copper Water Bottle.

2. Fill up with lukewarm water and then shake for 60 seconds.

3. Rinse with water

“Copperize” Your Water (Like Ancient Indian Yogi’s) & Raise Your Vibration

Do you want a high vibration but you’re still drinking tap water? It’s been proven tap water has over 2,100 toxins, which lower your vibration.

Ethos Copper Water Bottle “copperizes” water, balancing your three doshas - restoring balance in body, mind and spirit.

World’s First: Copper Water Bottle with “GRACE” Programming

Dr Masaru Emoto’s water experiments have proven water is impacted by thoughts & emotions!

Program your “copperized” water with the “GRACE” molecular structure! Consume the highest vibration water possible!

Make Your Water Taste Crisp & Refreshing

Does tap water taste weird to you? It’s not a surprise with all the toxins & chemicals.

As “copperizing” is a purifying process, your water will have a crisp & refreshing taste!

How Does “Copperizing” Water Work?

Similar to how alcohol kills any virus & bacteria to prevent infection… Copper kills any virus & bacteria in water it comes into contact with!

As copper has antiviral, antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, studies have shown copper kills over 99.9% of bacteria such as E. coli within 1-2 hours of contact.

This is why ancient Indians threw copper coins into rivers before drinking the river’s water - to make it safe!

How To Use Your Ethos Copper Water Bottle

  • Fill up your Ethos Copper Water Bottle with water
  • Leave it for 4 hours (or overnight)
  • Enjoy drinking “copperized” water with a crisp & refreshing taste!
  • Clean your Ethos Copper Bottle once a week

To Drink High Vibration “Copperized” Water Like Ancient Indian Yogi’s & Raise Your Vibration Further With “GRACE” Programming…

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